Beaverhead River Fishing Report

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

The Beaverhead River has been fishing very tough lately. Clark Canyon Reservoir has a dirty outflow and the river is rather mossy. It has been a tough prospect up there, hopefully it improves. You will find hatches of Tricos and PMD’s. The lower Beaverhead River has been fishing well with hoppers. Outflows of Clark Canyon is currently 301cfs. You will do best on the upper Beaverhead River if you fish the  3 foot riffles so you don’t collect moss on your nymphs.

Flies: #18 Hunchback;  #18 Zebra Midge; #18 Trico Spinner;#18 Trico Comparadun; #16 Rusty Spinner; #16 CDC PMD;#18 Split Back PMD Olive/Brown; #18 Pheasant Tail; #18 psycho Mayfly; #18 Captive Dun ; #6 Fat Albert; #6 Parachute Hopper; #6 Morrish Hopper


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