9/13/2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Strikes and gutters, must be fall!

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September 13, 2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Big dries and streamers. Red hot or frigid cold!

The flows are hovering around 300 CFS, making for great floating and wading right now. Blue wings have started on the right day, but its still the big dry that has been most productive on the top. Folks going down there have either been experiencing incredible fishing or are struggling to hook a single fish. One day its magical, the next is stagnant.

Our guides have also been reporting the same, so if you are willing to roll the dice it can pay off big. In the last two weeks, we have had both our best Beaverhead days and our worst Beaverhead days this season.

Stripping streamers has picked up tremendously, with that being a fun and consistent way to get into big trout. It is important to get down in the water column, so weighted flies with a proper sink tip is important. Holler if we can help you get your streamer game dialed in this fall. We have rods and the perfectly matched sinking lines that will have you casting far and true with the big uglies.

Give us a shout for the latest report. 406-835-3474

-Dan Soltau


#4 Lil Kim Tan
#4 CH JJ Special
#6 She-Demon Bugger Copper
#10 Glommer
#8 Carnage Stone
#10 Frankenhopper Peach
#8 Fat Albert High Viz


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9/13/2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report – Fall feels great!

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September 13th, 2019 – Big Hole River Fishing Report – Flows up, fish happy.

Apologies for the tardiness on a river update, we have been cranking away with lots of activity. After our first blast of fall weather last weekend, we are now back into a more comfortable flow on the Big Hole. Anglers on foot are still getting around easily, and the floaters, especially the raft community are happy as well. Hard boats are best suited Maiden Rock down at the moment.

Blue winged olives are beginning, and reports indicate that in the right spot, at the right time there are good trout looking up. Keep an eye on foamy areas below riffles and runs. Mahoghany duns have also started. The fall weather in the forecast will have those mayflies intensifying river wide. Dry fly anglers will want to check the river out upstream of the canyon for consistency, with sub-surface techniques proving themselves daily on the lower portions of the river.

We have seen fish spread out of the riffles, and into the runs and pools that dot the Big Hole up and down. A stripped streamer still continues to be the best technique for a big brown, and it also allows anglers to cover all the nooks and crannies they like to hide out in. Double dry fly rigs with a modest parachute upfront and little blue wing off the back is going to be a solid rig for the next week or too.

Our fall special offers folks 50% off lodging and $50 off your guide boat when paired together. Minimum two nights, one day guided fishing. October til the season is over. Book now!

Guides, shuttles, and reports. Anytime. 406-835-3474

-Dan Soltau


#4 Mini Boogie Man – Black
#4 Lil Kim Copper
#1 King Rat
#14 Flashy Frank Purple
#12 Gummy Worm Hot Bead
#12 Fish Finder Worm Burgundy
#12 Rocky Mountain Mint Adams

#18 Sparkle Dun BWO
#18 Psycho May BWO
#18 Missing Link
#14 Quigley Cripple

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9/1/19 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Hopper Mania continues!

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September 1st, 2019 – Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Grass. Hoppers.

If you walked through a grassy in Southwest Montana lately, you know what’s going on. There is a shocking abundance of grasshoppers, and the rivers with higher flows, especially the tailwaters such as the Beaverhead and Madison are experiencing a hopper year for the ages. A tan, pink, peach, or olive hopper in about a #10 or #12 is all you need along with a spool of 3x tippet and 9′ or leader. Tight to the bank has been best on the Beaverhead with some stellar trout being caught.

If the bite goes cold temporarily, try a drowned hopper, a worm, and/or a tiny mayfly nymph. Streamers also can cash in this time of the year. The hopper program is best suited from the boat, and can be an uphill battle for wading anglers.

We have guides to put you on the hopper bite on the Beaverhead available daily! Call us for the latest word! 406-835-3474.

-Dan Soltau



 #4 Smoke & Mirrors JJ
#8 Mojo Minnow
#4 Little Kim Tan
#10 Al’s Glommer
#10 Chernobyl Ant – Tan
#10 Kicking Hopper
#8 Franken Hopper

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Big hopper eating brown trout for Lynn Harp on the Beaverhead River!


9/1/19 Big Hole River Fishing Report – It is September!

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September 1st Big Hole River Fishing Report – Happy September, folks! Bringing in trico pods, picky hopper eaters, and ants.

We have been fielding a bunch of calls regarding the various closures on the upper and lower Big Hole, however in the stretches that are prime during this time of year, all is well. The upper Big Hole River section has a low flow closure on it which is set in place to protect the fish at the lowest of flows. It is not an uncommon closure. Likewise for the lower river closure below Notch Bottom. While those stretches are prime for spring and early summer conditions, they also see lower activity later in the summer and many of the fish move around the river system to find more suitable habitat. Its what they do!

From Jerry Creek down to Glen, we are seeing river conditions best suited for the raft. We are recommending that hard boats float Browns to Glen or Glen to the Notch.  We are seeing a million hoppers all over, and anglers looking to get into hopper eaters will want to fish ahead of the boat with small tan or pink hopper of a longer than usual leader. An ant or a small trico off the back is not a bad idea at all. When using this technique, it can more important to cover plenty of ground as after the first nice trout is caught in a spot, it is uncommon others will come to the surface after all the commotion.

The “best” reports we are getting are those of small pods of trout wolfing trios in the river above maiden rock up to around Dickie Bridge. There are odd reports of spruce moths so it isn’t a bad idea to use one a first fly in a double dry setup. An ant, or mid size parachute such as the Purple Craze would be a good choice. The midday doldrums see fish wanting, if anything at all, a small mayfly nymph or a variegated girdle bug. We are sticking with the dry dropper most of the time on our guided trips, with both choices seeing action.

It can be tough to run a deeper nymph rig right now, however we are having great success with a properly present sculpin or minnow imitation, with a smaller dropper streamer or large nymph. Running these through the speedy tail outs and riffles can pay dividends with the big healthy browns that are typically tough this time of year.


We have guides available, shuttles daily, and the latest word. Give us a shout anytime, 406-835-3474.


-Dan Soltau


#4 Sparkle Minnow
#4 Lil Kim Tan
#8 Lil Kim Silver
#12 Bloom’s Spruce Moth
#10 Chubby Chernobyl Olive
#18 Hamburgler Beetle

#12 Purple Craze
#12 CDC Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail
#20 C-UM Trico
#20 Double Wing Trico
#20 Trico Spinner
#12 Purple PMX
#16 Sparkle Flag Ant

#12 CDC Prince

#10 Morrish Hopper

#10 Girdle Bug Olive/Brown