8/27/19 Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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August 27th, 2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Hoppers. Grasshoppers. Crickets.

Undoubtedly, you have heard about this summers hopper fishing, and the Beaverhead is at the top of the list. Quality trout on grasshopper patterns. Presentation has been key and with tight drifts there have been explosive strikes of the surface. Small hoppers in tannish, yellow, or pink tones with nice legs that make a nice commotion.

If the hopper bite is quiet, streamers have also been effective. For those looking to nymph, a small dark mayfly is choice, along with an attractor like a worm or a cranefly larvae. Getting down is key, so look for troughs through the moss and start there.

Give us a shout for the latest word or stop by on your way to the Beaverhead or your next time eating at the Hitchin Post. 406-835-3474.

-Dan Soltau


#4 Smoke & Mirrors – JJ
#8 Mojo Minnow – Yellow Perch
#4 CH JJ Special
#20 Zebra Midge – Silver &/or Copper
#18 Psycho May – Black
#10 Water Walker – Peacock
#8 Water Walker – Peanut

#16 Sparkle Flag Ant – Black
#12 Hot Bead Gummy Worm
#10 BH Cranefly Larvae
#10 CFO Chernobyl Ant – Peach
#10 Al’s Glommer
#10 Chernobyl Ant – Black & Tan
#16 Blue Winged Olive Comparadun

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August 27th, 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/27/2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report – Cool water temps, stable flows, and very light traffic.

Other rivers may be seeing high levels of traffic, but it’s a ghost town around here. Trout have been keying in on terrestrials with tricos still being a hit in the right spot at the right time. The fish are in great shape, and expect a legitimate challenge when approaching them on the surface. Looking for the faster stuff has been key, but keep a look out for the slower foam lines and current edges with water cooling down.

A variegated girdle bug or a small dark mayfly nymph is a great rotation below a hopper or chubby Chernobyl. A double dry fly rig can also do very well, keying in the faster current seams. An ant, trico cluster, or trico spinner is a solid choice in tow behind a smallish tan hopper.

As per usual, a properly presented streamer is a good way to separate the larger trout that are holding tight to cover, in the riffles, or hanging out in the faster tailouts. Olive, tan, and copper minnow and sculpin patterns have still been favorable, with black picking up each day.

Holler for the latest word, to hire a professional guide, or arrange a shuttle. 406-835-3474.

Dan Soltau


#4 Smoke & Mirrors – JJ
#6 JJ Special
#4 Little Kim Tan
#8-10 Girdle Bug Olive & Brown
#8-10 Girdle Bug Tan & Brown
#8 Chubby Chernobyl – Olive
#10 Chubby Chernobyl – Purple

#18 Hippie Stomper – Royal
#12 Red Copper John
#16 Micro Mayfly – Brown
#12 Bloom’s Caddis
#20 Para CDC Trico Spinner
#20 Trico Cluster
#20 Clear Wing Trico Spinner

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August 19th, 2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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8/19/19 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Dropping flows and hoppers!

With the PMD hatch behind us, we are still seeing sallies along with some evening caddis. Nymphing has been most effective with a slightly shallower rig, and possibly a large attractor nymph such a worm or cranefly larvae. Small midges and trico-esque nymphs have been producing hook ups as well. Find the troughs between the weeds and hold on.

So far, it has been a pretty awesome run of hopper fishing. Tight casts and proper presentations have been required, and the results have been oversized trout. At 473 CFS out of the dam, it is still favoring the floating aspect but wading anglers can get in a little better as it drops. It’s below 200 CFS by the time it reaches Dillon, and 150 in Twin Bridges so float lower with caution knowing it could be a mud slog. Lots of water going to the hay fields right now.

We have had guide boats on the Beav’ lately, and the trout have continued to be thick and healthy. Holler for the latest word. 406-835-3474.

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#8 Glommer Chernobyl
#10 Morrish Hopper Tan
#10 Parachute Kicking Hopper
#10 Hot Bead Burgundy Worm
#18 Crystal Serendipity
#16 Soft Hackle Sow Bug

#8 Carnage Hopper


#8 Mojo Minnow
#20 Zebra Midge Black/Silver
#18 Psycho May Black

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August 19th, 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/19/2019 – Big Hole River Fishing Report – Flows dropped after major rain event, river in great shape.

Last week we saw a beautiful run of cool weather, and also an impressive amount of rain for August. After almost a 300 CFS increase in flow, the water temps went down big time and have led to great fishing. The slight murk in the water had the fish keeping an eye out for worms, along with streamers. Anglers minding the details have also had shots at big trout eating dries, however it hasn’t been easy.

Nocturnal and golden stoneflies have continued to hatch, hoppers are lining the banks, and ants are fooling trout. The trico hatch/spinner fall had been hatching later in the morning, but with the weather pattern warming up we are anticipating them to go back to the early-early morning program. Unfortunately, the spruce moths have been relatively quiet, with reports of heavy activity up in the high country lakes. It is possible that they come down with this next warm spell, so keep checking back.

Small, sparse nymphs have been effective, along with the timeless classic girdle bug. Especially the variegated versions. Streamer fishing, while not always a common tactic this time of the year, is a great way to tag a big brown in the faster water. The trout have still favored the fast water, varying between heavy seams, faster runs, or the shallow riffles themselves. Do not forget about the speedy tail outs either!

Our guide staff has been on the river every day, and they and our guests have had the river to themselves. Now is great time to check the Big Hole out on foot, and also a good idea to get the raft out. Hard boats will definitely be doing some grinding/sliding, and we strongly recommend staying below Melrose. There are a few tight corners with tree limbs coming into play between Melrose and Brownes, and also Glen to Notch Bottom. Flows have receded to the point that floaters can once again drive down to the convergence below the ramp at Glen, avoiding the death march drag back to the ramp.

We have openings on the guide sheet, and excellent conditions to fish the Big Hole. Now is a great time to get a guide for the canyon stretches as well. We have seen some truly large trout moving around lately. Including a few in the net!  Holler anytime for a shuttle, a guide, or the latest report. 406-835-3474.

-Dan Soltau



#4 Smoke & Mirrors JJ Special
#4 Little Kim Tan/Gold
#8-10 Girdle Bug Olive/Brown
#8 Girdle Bug Tan/Brown
#8 Chubby Chernobyl Tan
#8 Club Sandwich Hopper

#14 CDC Prince Nymph
#14 Big Spanker Olive
#14 Cow Killer Ant
#16 Hamburgler
#20 Clear Wing Trico
#20 Double Wing Trico
#20 Compara Dun Female Trico

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August 9th, 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/9/2019 – Big Hole River Fishing Report – Favorable weather, solid flows, thick tricos, and quiet spruce moths (so far).

August has started off solid on the Big Hole. Traffic has been fairly quiet, and those looking to dial in their dry fly game have been rewarded. Large trout have patrolling edges looking for tricos, ants, your odd spruce moth, and hopper. It isn’t for the faint of heart, however they can be had with a proper presentation from a proper distance.

There has been a hoot owl restriction put on the lower Big Hole below Notch Bottom, and for the last two weeks it has been a tough section to fish. Many of the trout have moved up into other haunts with cooler, healthier water. Wait for another period of cool nights before heading lower.

Hard boats are doing ok from Melrose to Glen, but it is for sure raft season in these parts. Folks looking to hit the spruce moths will want to focus on the river from Jerry Creek to Melrose, and that could happen any day however it hasn’t been anything to note thus far. Stripping or dragging a sculpin or minnow has been paying dividends through the faster stretches of river right now, and keying in on those areas with fast moving water is critical.

The quality of the brown trout lately has been remarkable and they have not been easy to catch. It can really pay to hire a guide this time of the year, so feel free to give us a shout and let us show you the Big Hole. Shuttles, gear, reports, guides… give us a call! 406-835-3474


Dan Soltau

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#6 Mini Loop Sculpin Tan
#6 Mini Loop Sculpin Olive
#8 Little Kim Silver
#10 Girdle Bug Olive & Brown
#4 Jewel Thief Silver
#20 C-U-M Trico
#20 Pearl Butt Trico

#18 Sparkle Flag Ant
#12 Red Copper John
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#12 Bloom’s Spruce Moth
#18 Hippie Stomper Brown

#20 Para Trico Spinner


August 9th, 2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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8/9/2019 – Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Flows up, moss growing, & fishing great.

Flows are 660 CFS out of Clark Canyon Reservoir, and the fishing has been stellar. Finding the lane in the moss has been crucial in certain areas for the nymphers, and folks throwing hoppers with accuracy and persistence have been getting into great trout. Streamers can also produce really well with the elevated flows and lots of food moving around the river.

Subsurface, anglers employing a drop shot nymph rig have been doing great. There will be some moss involved but once you get your “feed line” right, you will be in good shape. Small mayfly nymphs and smaller sally nymphs have still been the ticket. This is a good time of the year to run a small black midge pupa, barrs emerger, or rs2 to imitate the tiny tricos that are hatching on a daily basis. You will lose lots of your fish due to the heavy flow and small hook, but its a great time nonetheless.

The Beaverhead has been known for many years as a great hopper fishery if timed properly late in the summer. This year it has been off to a great start. Irrigation demands down river have the flows between the dam and Barretts at a cool, strong flow and fish are ambushing grasshoppers that find themselves in the river. They will want it tight to the structure and drifting properly, but expect results with great presentations. An ant can pick off the selective ones.

Give us a shout for a Beaverhead guide or the latest report, we have a few spots left for August but not many. 406-835-3474.

-Dan Soltau




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#4 Barely Legal
#8 Mojo Minnow
#6 Mini Dungeon Black
#10 Parachute Hopper
#10 Kicking Leg Para Hopper
#10 Morrish Hopper Tan
#8 Clodhopper

#8 Gypsy King
#16 Flat Back Sally
#14 Birds Nest Olive & Gold
#18 SNM Nymph
#20 Zebra Midge Black Silver
#20 Clear Wing Trico
#20 Para CDC Wing Trico

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August 2nd 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/2/19 – Big Hole River Report – Tricos are hatching, no significant spruceys yet, healthy trout!

August is here and we have snuck underneath the 500 CFS mark, with 460 CFS in Melrose this morning. Tricos are hatching best top high, with a decent amount of PMDS and a few other mayflies still hatching. Water temps dipped to 61 last night, the coolest in over a week. We have seen some really nice brown trout as of late, very thick and healthy.

Anglers looking for surface activity will want to get an early start, and/or stick around until the last hour or so of light. A small caddis/sally with a trico in tow will be a good start, and if you have eagle eyes a single trico is ideal. With the sallies, larger mayflies, and your odd caddis kicking around, a micro chubby, trude, or wulff can fool nice trout and makes for a good lead fly with small trico cluster or ant behind it.

We are experiencing consistent actions using a small sculpin with a caddis style nymph as your second fly. Primarily focusing on the riffles and faster portions of the river. Look for the speedier tailouts and riffle zones to produce trout.

We will keep everyone posted on the moths, and we are expecting to see many more once this next little heat wave moves through. Historically speaking, that is what gets them down to the river and we have been getting daily storms which seems to keep them up high in the trees.

Hard boats are still viable below Melrose, and anything up is best suited for an inflatable. Holler anytime for a guide, shuttle, or the latest word fro the water. 406-835-3474.


Dan Soltau


#10 Water Walker – Peanut

#10 Water Walker – Olive

#18 Missing Link

#16 Sparkle Flag Ant

#20 Peacock Cluster

#20 Hi Vis Trico Spinner

#16 Micro Chubby Olive

#CFO Chernobyl Peach

#10 Morrish Hopper

#4 Lil Kim Copper

#8 Mojo Minnow

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