Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fishing on the Big Hole is starting to heat up again. We have been seeing the first signs of Spruce Moths on the water. The Spruce Moth is not widespread on the river but several banks in the canyon are seeing activity on the surface. Besides spruce moths we are seeing PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, and some caddis. The best fishing is from about 8:00 am – 3:00pm. If you have a warm afternoon please watch the water temperature. If temperatures reach 68 degrees please give the trout a break. Flows remain pretty good for this time of year on the Big Hole. The Maiden rock gauge is 762cfs and the Melrose gauge is 634cfs.

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Recommended Flies:

#4 Smokin’ Mirrors
#4 Sparkle Minnow
#4 Little Kim Copper
#6 Pat’s Stone
#6 Flash minnow
#8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple)
#10 Rogue Golden
#10 Rollin’ Stone Sally

#12 Spruce Moth
#12 CDC Spruce Moth
#12 Bloom’s Caddis
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#12 Purple Rooster
#12 Red Copper John
#14 Purple Haze
#16 PMD Comparadun

A fantastic trout caught in the Big Hole Canyon this week

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Beaverhead River currently has an outflow of 750cfs. The Beaverhead River has been fishing very well for us over the last several weeks. We have been enjoying hatches of PMD’s, Yellow Sallies and caddis. It has been a fantastic big fish month on the Beaverhead River. You can stalk fish rising to PMD’s and sallies right now or sling some nymphs on the bottom. The river remains crystal clear and we look for this fishery to keep bending rods for awhile.

Recommended Flies:

#16 PMD cripple
#18 Mayhem
#18 Eddie Vedder
#18 Pandemic

#18 Crack Back PMD
#18 tan sow bug
#22 Split Back PMD

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pick your bugs, pick your float and you will find what your looking for on the Big Hole River this week. We have hatches of Golden Stones, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies and Caddis right now on the Big Hole River. Water flows are remaining above historic average. Dry fly fishing has been fantastic the last few days on the Big Hole. Streamer fishing has been solid, with darker colors working the best. Sumer fishing is here and it’s time to get out and enjoy Southwest Montana.

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Anne with a nice Big Hole trout caught on a Golden Stone dry fly

Recommended Flies: #8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple) ; #10 Purple Haze; #12 Bloom’s Caddis; #10 Rogue Golden; #Rollin’ Stone Sally; #12 Purple Rooster;#6 Pat’s Stone; #12 Silver Lightning Bug; #12 Red Copper John; #4 Smokin’ Mirrors; #6 Flash minnow; #4 Little Kim Copper; #4 Sparkle Minnow


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