Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Hole Fishing Report

Feels like summer here even though it is starting to look like fall.  Cold nights and warm afternoons with high overhead sun has made for tough fishing lately.  We have been doing well nymphing the riffles with Blue Winged olives and swinging small buggers.  For about 2 hours in the afternoon we have had glory hours of hopper fishing.  In fact we have had a few over 20 inches lately on hoppers like this one above which was caught on a 6ft. 3 weight!   More of the same weather on tap for the next few days here.  Looks like the clouds will roll in early next week.    

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool crisp nights and warm days.  Hmmm, how many more of these do we have left?  Get it while you can; it’s early September and it feels like fall in the morning and summer in the afternoon.  The Big Hole River is in great shape, water temperatures are staying cold.  We have Trico’s in the morning, with some PMD’s kicking around.  The afternoons have been a terrestrial game.  Look for browns sitting in skinny riffle water or grassy banks willing to eat hoppers and ants.  Spruce moths have tapered off.  You may find a few around the Jerry Creek to Dewey section.  The summer crowds are gone and late summer fishing is here!

Prime time right now on the Beaverhead for dry fly fishing.  Crane Fly dries in the mornings and evenings in the upper Beaverhead slick has been excellent.  The nymphing during the day has been solid with PMD nymphs on the upper river.  Below high bridge we have had excellent dry fly fishing lately. Yellow Sallies, caddis, and hoppers have been what we have been fishing on the surface below high Bridge.  The water is big down there but when you have inside bends with about 2 – 3 feet of depth with a grassy bank, you will find fish willing to eat a hopper or sally.  This river is healthy and producing some great fish lately.  Good stuff right now on the Beaverhead, I mean real good.


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