Friday, December 10, 2010

The new R.L. Winston BIIIX is a rod that every angler must have in their arsenal.  The BIIIX has replaced the number 1 best selling rod from Winston the BIIX.    After fishing the BIIIX I must say it has the feel of the BIIX but has a little more power in the mid section.  I have been able to fish this rod on the Big Hole River in the 9ft. 5weight and found it to have excellent accuracy for long casting situations with large chernobyl’s and also the ability to throw small dries in technical short distance situations.  We have just received our first order of the BIIIX.  These rods have the classic Winston Boron design, with a little more power, which makes it a well rounded fast action rod.  You can check them out on the R.L. Winston website.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

During the fall of 2010, Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks made major improvements to three different fishing access sights on the Big Hole River. Pumphouse, Salmon Fly, and Glen fishing access sights were the recipients of long-overdue improvements and makeovers.


At the Powerhouse Fishing Access (more commonly referred to as Silver Bridge) crews installed a new single-wide concrete boat ramp, and expanded and improved the parking area.  This ramp improvement coincides with the removal of the Pumphouse diversion just downstream from the Silverbridge fishing access.


Down river at Salmon Fly Fishing Access Site in the town of Melrose, crews installed a concrete boat ramp and improved the parking area for one of the busiest fishing access on the Big Hole River.  Simple improvements such as these have made the Salmon Fly Fishing Access not only a more functional fishing access, but a more aesthetically pleasing one as well.


Another twelve miles down river from Melrose, at the Glen Fishing Access Site on the Burma Road, crews also installed a new concrete boat ramp and made improvements to the parking and camping areas. 


All of the recent improvements to the fishing access on the Big Hole River will help to make accessing the river a safer endeavor, disperse boat and user traffic, and protect fish and wildlife habitat.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Big Hole diversion dam replacement project is complete.  On November 7, 2010 the city and county of Butte-Silver Bow finished the replacement of the 80-year-old diversion dam in the Dewey Canyon of the Big Hole River.  This diversion dam is used for pumping water from the Big Hole River to the city of Butte, Montana for a portion of the cities drinking water.    After nearly a century of existence, the diversion dam is no longer an impediment to fish and boater passage.

The old diversion dam and intake structure was outdated, and structurally failing, which has a threat to the River, and the ability for Butte to get one of their sources of drinking water. Over the years the dam has been the cause for flipping many boats as floaters tried to navigate over the concrete structure.  The new diversion has a rock weir dam, which has a boat and fish passage channel.  The spillway is designed for boater safety.

The completion of the diversion dam on the Big Hole River is a great example of a community working together to improve a structure that benefits all uses.  Silver Bow County now has a better functioning diversion that ensures a source of their drinking water.  Recreationalists now have a safe, unrestricted passage in the river that promotes the health and migration of fish.


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